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this is an place where alll chrystina sayers fans can join and have fun
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What is a Signature?
A signature is the text/images that displays at the bottom of each post you make. Members are only allowed two signatures, and we ask that you keep them small enough as to not disrupt the flow of threads.

How do I add my signature?
Go to your profile (the link is in the navigation bar up top) and scroll down to the heading that reads "Signature." Add any text you would like there.

If you would like to use an image, your signature image must be hosted by an online website. You can use an image you created yourself or one you found online. If you find an image from another website that you would like to use, right click, and save it to your computer first. Upload the image to an image host website. is an example of one. Copy the image address that the website provides you. When entering this into your signature code, add the text Signatures In%20front%20of%20the%20link,%20and behind the link.

In the end, it would appear like this:
Signatures Image's%20address%20pasted%20here
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