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this is an place where alll chrystina sayers fans can join and have fun
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 forum rules

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Forum rules

1) Respect All Members! Please respect your fellow members, we are all here for the same reasons which is to support Chrystina so respect one another.If there is a problem please pm me or somebody else on staff.

2) No Spamming!

3) No Hating on Crystina or Get banned

4) Signatures and Avatars. i know some of u people like the sigs that carlos makes and because he is helping me with the forum he would make some avatars and some signatures here and u could too But please do not use these HUGE Sigs and these HUGE Avis that strech out the boards, its sometimes annoying and unnecessary. Also everyone is only allowed two signatures. Two is enough, you do not need more.

5) Do Not Post Full Length Songs Recorded By Chrystina Do Not, and I MEAN DO NOT! Post any songs recorded by Chrystina Girlicious or anyone else for that matter! It is illegal and we will not be held responsible for it! If you wish to post a song either make it into a clip or post it on youtube. If anyone wishes to not follow this rule you will be banned for a certain amount of time!

6) No Double Posting! Do not make another post right after you made a post in the same topic when no one else has replyed yet if you need to add to your post then edit it! If it is a mistake then it is okay.
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forum rules
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